Sunday, September 14, 2008

Public film screening to address food cost and safety issues

A free public film screening and discussion on the safety of food and costs of industrialised food processes will be held on Tuesday 16th September, in South Christchurch.

“People have a right to know where our food is coming from, what is in it and how it is manufactured,” says Joseph Burston, Port Hills candidate for the Green Party.

“With no mandatory labelling for country of origin or method of production it is difficult for consumers to make informed choices about what they put in their shopping baskets and what they and their families eat.

“The contamination of infant milk formula in China with melamine is just one of several recent food scares.

“People need adequate information to be confident that their food is free of harmful pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals and additives that may cause adverse health affects,” Joseph Burston says.

“Tuesday’s public meeting with Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons will focus on food safety and affordability, and the true cost of highly industrialised food.”

Tuesday 16 September at 7.30 pm “Talking Food with Jeanette Fitzsimons”
St Marks Methodist Church Hall, Corner of Barrington St and Somerfield Streets

According to a Chinese news agency 432 infants are ill and one has died after being fed formula milk contaminated with melamine.

Melamine is an organic compound used in plastic resins, glues, fertilisers and flame retardants. Ingestion can cause reproductive damage, bladder or kidney stones which can lead to bladder cancer. [1]


Contact: Joseph Burston, Port Hills Green Party Candidate, 021 1165 863, joseph dot burston at


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