Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small local steps forward....

It seems like small steps are the safest ones to make when you're unsure how solid the ground is under your feet. And little more needs to be said about the solidity of Canterbury ground at present!
So we decided to take some locally driven small steps in Lyttelton and collect people's opinions about the future and form of Lyttelton.
Firstly, with the help of other local Greens I set up a small stall at the Farmers' market and over a couple of weekends invited shoppers to post up contributions and suggestions. Some can be seen behind me here. These have been collated and if there is interest I will post them here. The ideas have also been fed into the Community Board consultation that took place in Lyttelton on 11th April and a parallel consultation process being run by the Green Party with an emphasis on community resilience and ecological integrity. Which brings me to ...
Secondly I've been helping to plan the second Green Party public forum entitled "Vision Lyttelton", which is scheduled to take place in June. This follows on from a very well attended initial public forum in mid-April which focused mainly on the city and issues of land, buildings, architecture and transport.
Finally I was pleased to get some comments (albeit curtailed) on a TVNZ item last week. What they didn't broadcast were my comments about how we need to make sure the rebuild prioritises sustainability and community involvement.
Watch this space for the confirmed date of the Lyttelton forum and the next small steps.

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