Monday, June 20, 2011

115 people attend Green Party Lyttelton Forum

The third of a series of Green Party Public Forums on the rebuilding of a sustainable and resilient Christchurch took place last Sunday and this one focused on the future of Lyttelton.

Green MP Kennedy Graham hosted the meeting and despite a rainy afternoon, over 115 people attended at the recreation centre. It was great to see a good representation of younger residents.

Six speakers living mainly in Lyttelton and the harbour basin spoke about local geology and landscape, iwi resilience, urban redesign, the arts community and heritage. Several exciting new ideas were put forward including the development of a town square, a wetlands area below Norwich quay to process storm-water run-off, access to the waterfront and the re-establishment of a public rail link to Christchurch.

The audience was keen to put questions to the panel of speakers and the meeting continued until well past 6 pm.

One attendee commented; I felt encouraged by the thoughtful and positive community response evident at the ReVision Lyttelton Forum.

Another said, ‘I too was uplifted (in a nice non-seismic way) by the Lyttelton forum.”

A third said, “I had been feeling pretty down until attending the Lyttelton forum yesterday and reconnecting with the huge groundswell of support for rebuilding along sustainable and green principles.

“I left with a feeling of being part if something which, if properly nurtured, can grow to become a way of living better than we had before the first quake.

“It is our dreams that keep us moving on through the darkness.”

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