Monday, June 20, 2011

115 people attend Green Party Lyttelton Forum

The third of a series of Green Party Public Forums on the rebuilding of a sustainable and resilient Christchurch took place last Sunday and this one focused on the future of Lyttelton.

Green MP Kennedy Graham hosted the meeting and despite a rainy afternoon, over 115 people attended at the recreation centre. It was great to see a good representation of younger residents.

Six speakers living mainly in Lyttelton and the harbour basin spoke about local geology and landscape, iwi resilience, urban redesign, the arts community and heritage. Several exciting new ideas were put forward including the development of a town square, a wetlands area below Norwich quay to process storm-water run-off, access to the waterfront and the re-establishment of a public rail link to Christchurch.

The audience was keen to put questions to the panel of speakers and the meeting continued until well past 6 pm.

One attendee commented; I felt encouraged by the thoughtful and positive community response evident at the ReVision Lyttelton Forum.

Another said, ‘I too was uplifted (in a nice non-seismic way) by the Lyttelton forum.”

A third said, “I had been feeling pretty down until attending the Lyttelton forum yesterday and reconnecting with the huge groundswell of support for rebuilding along sustainable and green principles.

“I left with a feeling of being part if something which, if properly nurtured, can grow to become a way of living better than we had before the first quake.

“It is our dreams that keep us moving on through the darkness.”

Friday, June 10, 2011

After several weeks of planning the details are finalised for the ReVision Lyttelton Forum ...

Green MP, Kennedy Graham writes ...

"Come and have your say about the future of Lyttelton.

When: Sunday 19th June 2011, 3.30pm
Where: Lyttelton Recreation Centre, Winchester Street ,Lyttelton

This meeting is the third of a series of Public Forums on the rebuilding of Christchurch and this one focuses on the future of Lyttelton.

Various local experts will assist including Ian McCahon (Geotech), Paula Smith (Chair, Lyttelton Mt Herbert Community Board), Tony Milne (Rough & Milne Landscape Architects), Robert Finch (Structural Timber Solutions), Peter Evans (The Volcano Restaurant), Stewart Ross (Fulton Ross Team Architecture) and Tutehounuku Korako (Rapaki Marae)

Within the forum, we will address issues of land, landscape, the arts, architecture, use of wood in building, community planning, Iwi resilience and respect for heritage in the rebuild.

Please join me and have your say on the future of Lyttelton."

Looking forward to joining Kennedy at the forum next weekend.

See more details and "Like" on our Facebook event page.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small local steps forward....

It seems like small steps are the safest ones to make when you're unsure how solid the ground is under your feet. And little more needs to be said about the solidity of Canterbury ground at present!
So we decided to take some locally driven small steps in Lyttelton and collect people's opinions about the future and form of Lyttelton.
Firstly, with the help of other local Greens I set up a small stall at the Farmers' market and over a couple of weekends invited shoppers to post up contributions and suggestions. Some can be seen behind me here. These have been collated and if there is interest I will post them here. The ideas have also been fed into the Community Board consultation that took place in Lyttelton on 11th April and a parallel consultation process being run by the Green Party with an emphasis on community resilience and ecological integrity. Which brings me to ...
Secondly I've been helping to plan the second Green Party public forum entitled "Vision Lyttelton", which is scheduled to take place in June. This follows on from a very well attended initial public forum in mid-April which focused mainly on the city and issues of land, buildings, architecture and transport.
Finally I was pleased to get some comments (albeit curtailed) on a TVNZ item last week. What they didn't broadcast were my comments about how we need to make sure the rebuild prioritises sustainability and community involvement.
Watch this space for the confirmed date of the Lyttelton forum and the next small steps.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

There's never been a better time to invest in alternatives to oil….

With the leaked results by the Financial Times last week from the International Energy Agency that the output of the world’s 400 largest oil fields will decline by 9.1% every year (barring extra investment to boost production) the urgency to invest in alternative energy sources has been firmly underlined.

To put this in perspective this means that the oil industry would need to bring online new production capacity equivalent to that of Saudi Arabia every 18 months in order to maintain current supply.

Frame this against the recent WWF report which ranks NZ as having the 6th largest per capita global footprint size, based on CO2 emissions largely derived from oil via imported goods, use of natural resources and transport and it’s pretty clear that our position is anything but tenable.

Of course one alternative which is gathering momentum is wind power. Wind has an excellent energy return on energy invested and can be used very effectively in NZ in tandem with hydro. The Green Party Energy Policy reads “ New Zealand has an excellent wind resource that can be used for pumping or electricity generation. Wind farms are quick to be commissioned, easily extended, and can be sited close to demand. The combination of wind and hydro is particularly beneficial as water can be stored in the lakes when the wind is blowing and used to generate power when it is not. Care is needed in choosing sites for wind farms, in order to respect cultural values such as iconic views. We want to see communities and energy companies agreeing about possible wind farm sites before specific proposals are developed.”

By the way; thanks to all of you who joined us to harness some wind energy at the weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Safe cycle-lane petition on a roll.

Green Party Port Hills candidate Joseph Burston is backing the submission of a petition to CCC which calls for more funding for cycle paths in Christchurch to help improve safety and encourage people out of their cars and on to bikes.

“I look forward to joining the group of concerned cyclists and delivering the petition by pedal power to CCC this Thursday,” says Joseph.

More than 3000 signatures have been collected for the University of Canterbury Environment group petition which urges CCC to prioritise cycling and live up to the goals of its own cycling strategy. Petition organiser, Ants Field was injured when his bike was hit by a car in June and he decided to make the best of a bad situation by trying to initiate change.

“We need to invest more money in a dedicated network of cycle lanes and driver education programs.” Joseph Burston says. “Simply spraying lines on the road doesn’t go far enough to ensuring people’s safety. The number of commuter cyclists in Christchurch has declined since 1996 and we need to reverse this trend.”

He comments, “Other solutions include equipping more buses with bike racks so that people who would normally take the car are encouraged to use public transport and the bicycle. People generally don’t want to cycle more than 4 km to work and this is one way to provide them with alternative options if the bus service doesn’t quite meet their needs.”

The Christchurch Cycling strategy 2004 [1] states “Achieving the full potential of cycling cannot be expected to occur until the network is complete, safety issues are addressed and positive messages about cycling are promoted. Resolving these issues should be top priorities for the short term and might require increasing the construction of cycle lanes and facilities.”

Green Party Transport policy [2] includes developing a national network of safe cycleways and ensuring that cyclists are better protected by legislation if involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.


The petition will be delivered to CCC on Thursday 30th October. A group will ride from the university (meeting at the library steps at 8.30am), and make their way to CCC, arriving at 9.00am (163-173 Tuam Street).

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[1] Christchurch cycling strategy

[2] Green Party transport policy

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